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New creations

French artisanal


New creations

French artisanal

Limited edition creations inspired by Romanesque architecture

Established in Lyon is the 19th century, the Goineau firm, now known as “Histoires d’Art”, has upheld traditions of creative custom-made jewellery of high quality and craftsmanship since its establishment in Lyon in the 19th century. In 1991, Gilles Goineau created a collection of regional historically-inspired jewellery named the “Goineau Art Roman” collection, in collaboration with jeweller and designer Vincent Gourlat. The ongoing collection is manufactured exclusively in their workshops.

The jewellery and artisan objects in the “Goineau Art Roman” collection are inspired by Romanesque building designs. They are exhibited and sold in Goineau and Gourlat’s shop, as well as museum shops and medieval market stalls run by craftsmen and women specialised in the 11th and 12th centuries. The historically-inspired jewellery – wedding rings, medals, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, bookmarks, magnifying glasses, letter openers, crosses and thimbles – is sculpted and chiselled to faithfully reproduce different types of Romanesque sculptures.

When the Goineau firm closed in 2008, Mollard and Gourlat took over the Goineau workshops and moved to a new venue at the heart of Lyon. They renamed their boutique “Histoires d’Art” (“Histories – or “Stories” – of Art”), making sure to carry on the legacy of the Goineau firm.

Vincent Gourlat - Artisan Bijoutier

“Histoires d’Art” builds on the prestigious Goineau collection of historically-inspired Romanesque jewellery, adding new collections based on regional heritage and architecture such as the new Lyon jewellery collection, inspired by Lyon’s medieval and neo-classical buildings.
“Histoires d’art” also creates unique and personal pieces crafted especially for clients.

Bijoux d’Histoire Autres époques


History jewelry
Other eras

Collection Contemporaine Et créations pièces uniques


Contemporary Collection
And unique pieces creations

Collection Art Roman Éditions limitées


Roman Art
Limited editions

Collection Bijoux de Lyon


Lyon jewelry

Our selection

The philosophy and inspiration
behind Romanesque art

The Goineau Romanesque Art collection takes inspiration from designs found in Romanesque churches or abbeys, column ornaments, chapter fragments, tympani’s, stained glass and reliquaries.

A story, a jewel,

a custom-made creation

“Histoires d’Art” gives a second life to customers’ meaningful jewelry, restoring old jewelry that is no longer worn by clients but which has sentimental value.