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Craftsman Jeweller : Creation of silver and gold jewellery.

Our inspirations

The Goineau Romanesque Art collection takes inspiration from designs found in Romanesque churches or abbeys, column ornaments, chapter fragments, tympani’s, stained glass and reliquaries.

The sculptor freely interprets the shape of the artifact or jewel but always places great importance on ergonomics, taking into account the comfort of the wearer and the possibility of making the object in all sizes. For each creation, particular attention is paid to the respect of the motif, its symbolism, its style of sculpture (round, flat or low relief) and its origin – our jewels are systematically engraved with the name of their native region.

Our culture

Each architectural detail is firstly designed and sculpted in miniature on wax. It is then produced as a limited series in silver or gold, and will sometimes be decorated with hard, precious or semi-precious stones.
Each finished piece comes with a label specifying its origin and symbolism, inviting the purchaser to discover a fragment of history and the jewel’s cultural heritage.

For more information, you can contact “Histoires d’Art” at or via the “Contact” section of this website.

Custom Made Jewelry Creation

An object, a large or small jewel. Design your exceptional piece.

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